... can you believe it

... i actually posted. yup, that's right, it's been awhile. not sure how many of you even WILL think to check in on this site, so i may have to post encouraging notes elsewhere to begin getting traffic again, but here goes. found this image the other night at my home office/studio when shuffling through files and folders on an external harddrive that didn't sh*t out on me. (unlike the PC and other external drive that caused my heartache and hiatus from this site)

this was actually a girlfriend in college. long legs, a wonder to share time with and well, she did enjoy being the subject for many of my drawings. once i got over the fear of showing her any of my works, she became quite the teacher when telling me (encouraging me?) to take some risks with techniques and mediums. talk about your "i'll show you mine and you show me yours..." hee hee... memories.

so, as always, what do you all think?


Jack K. said...

Man, you do good work!

Isn't it nice when the student becomes the teacher?

You do know how to capture the light.

I look forward to future efforts. In fact, I will add this site to my favorite links.

Darlene said...

beautiful b

xo d