... back from the dead

... indeed, any of you who did read this site on a regular basis - fear not, i'm coming back. like a phoenix rising from the ashes... no, actually f**k that, it's not that exciting, i've jes' been working on so many things this past year i've not had time to be creative much outside of my job.

so, please stay tuned. i will be back and plan on posting more soon once i get my new home office back into shape. i will have my computer studio 110% up and running, my airbrush desk area, canvases on the wall and much more.

i missed you all. hopefully some of you will return and bring your open opinions, comments and advice on how i can become a better artist and obsevationalist.

see you all soon.


"K" Fingerett said...


Dont be like me--- stick around!

We 'lurv' all that you have to share ^_^



Jack K. said...

I'll check back again in a few months. I wasn't sure you would resurrect this site.

I know you will get a handle on all of the things in your life.

May love, peace and serenity be with you always.