... look into my eyes

... tell me what you see, right? that's been the saying, but what does it all really mean? i believe that the eyes really do tell a person's entire story, if not at the very least some of the juicier bits.

i'm really enjoying my wacom tablet at my home studio. i've taken to more abstract work, but at the same time, taking old pencil drawings and essentially tracing over them, practicing new brush strokes and effects is slowly making me more comfortable with the "medium" and allowing me to go places with shadows and effects that i didn't know were possible.

anyway, i loves' me an intelligent set of eyes. no matter who the person. when the eyes smile, so does the rest of a person. it's in their entire demeanor, and can't be hidden. of course, the reverse scenario is the same. think someone's mad or hurt - look into their puddles. you'll know then for sure...


Jack K. said...

You hit the nail on the head about the value of eyes. Smiling with your eyes make the smile authentic.

Your skills are enviable.

Thanks for finding time to get back to your drawing.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes consider making the cross to a wacom... is it worth it? what program do you use? You drew the eyes in that program with the Wacom? They're very impressive, good stuff. :)

At the moment, I draw and ink on paper, scan and tidy in Photoshop, and live trace in Illustrator. I like it, but am always interested in how other people operate!