... we aren't who we seem

... it's amazing to me how many things out there are manipulated. from video, images and to the written word, it's all subject and occasionally made the victim of alterations and change. luckily, i'm quite forward with stuff i do! i want to take the old creations of mine and make them new!

however, this lil' sketch (again, a funny term to use when applied to a 100% digital image) i created in adobe illustrator; a program i disdain immensely but am finding sudden uses for in my professional career. i used the vector-based application to slowly render my likeness, and then ran like a coward with the file to the program i "heart" called photoshop.

so, i dropped on some filters, rasterized the layers and played around a bit. the end result? voila! ME! giggle... either way, this was a fun experiment, and while my hair isn't that 'poofy' currently, trust me, it's been there. whaddaya'll think? am i purdy? *snerk*


Adrianne said...

very purdy. I like what you've done with a simple sketch. (I know the phrase should be in quotations)

Adrianne said...
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Jack K. said...

Some guys will do anything to get a pat on the back.

What is this purdy stuff anyway?

You are talented, I will give you that. You have one fantastic sense of humor. I will give you that. But, purdy? I am not ready to go that far.

I thought you might use the likeness on a dart board. lol

All kidding aside, you are one talented dude. Thanks for sharing your handiwork. I look forward to your future works.

bronxbt said...

dear jack,
as long as the darts say, "from jack, with luv..."



Jack K. said...

from Jack with luv. Snerk, snertz, guffle, etc.

"K" Fingerett said...

YAY! its YOU! ::messes with the poofy hair:: hehe!

::pouts:: I want a "lil' sketch" of ME...


bronxbt said...

K - if you want to mail me a pic, i'll do that.

but, jes those eyes are distracting enuf.. not sure I could handle it...

lemme know