... reflections, part X

... reflections have this amazing quality about them. you can see yourself, the world around you or maybe just what's behind you. isn't that the point? not to get too deep on you, but isn't the point of reflecting essentially to take a long hard look at what's looking back at you? who really does this? do people really sit back and take full account of their lives?

how did you get to where you are today?
are you happy?
do you have the ones around you that mean the most?

now imagine that you have eternity to figure these things out. sound good? or is it a waking hell. you be the judge.

take a moment. reflect on this latest panel:

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Jack K. said...

-b, I liked this one so much I responded in a rather lengthy manner here.

Now as to the statement in panel two, where she leans over somewhat menacingly, which you find unnerving and sexy at the same time, she asks, "Where did you get those shades? They are fan-freaking-tastic!"

If you play your cards right, and you probably won't, you will begin a wonderful experience. It could last you a lifetime, Or, not.

Just some thoughts. LMAO