... reflections, part XI

... things starting to sizzle a little over here. i've stumbled onto some effects and filters thanks to a friend of mine that has taken an interest in helping me really achieve some cool stuff with this graphic novel restoration project of mine. what he's done, jes' like all of you who have taken the time to stop by, see my work and comment, is energize me! it's amazing what other's belief in you can help you achieve. some of the next few panels are so detailed and so frustratingly important i don't know how the hell i created on this level of intricacy jes' using pen and paper! funny how nowadays people say that if it's not computer generated, then it's no good. and yet, i know it would take many years to perfect this style of drawing that i lost years ago.... it's in there somewhere. in me. but i've tried since and definitely have a lot of work to do to "get back" to that level.

why don't you try a little stop, drop & roll over this next one:


Duck Duck Deuce said...

So do you have your own comic out anywhere? Or is this all in your spare time?

Adrianne said...

Cool, of should I say Hot? I like what you are doing with this comic. Can't wait to see more.

Jack K. said...

Well, she had to get close to see the brand of shades, didn't she? When she got that close she couldn't resist your after shave.

Now that is one hot wimmins. lol

keep up your good works.

bronxbt said...

i originally produced this back in college in B&W, then fell into the so-called real world of design, and of course sales jobs & such to support my design & illustration habit.

i hope, that someday once i reproduce this comic 100% digitally, that i'll open some doors to published or strickly online versions.(rather save the trees)

either way, i have some other comicworks you can see in my archives, i'm NOT producing anything NEW at this time, 'though i'm considering some options.

hell, with my A.D.D., i'd rather stay on target with this first and see what happens! I'm too easily distracted! giggle


"K" Fingerett said...

Hot is right hehe!

I love your comics- I wish I could be artsy and all of that good stuff :\


V said...

This really is a hot comic. It is really quite impressive how many different types and styles of artistic ability you possess. You never cease to amaze me. Can't wait for the next installment!!