... reflections, part VI

... i'm finding out how difficult it is to do certain edits, touch ups and effect overlays on some of my work. when the original work was created before most of today's technology was even available, it doesn't always translate as well as i'd like it to when i find myself at a "is it done?," stage. i did work back in my theatre days in college workshops where i would script out visually an entire scene in storyboard fashion. the actors would go nuts when i did this because i'd ask them to act out the scenes in front of a black canvas or backdrop. I'd sit down as the audience and basically free-form the stage design as they played out scenes. sometimes continually until i became, in essence, their words, their movements in time and space. ('cuz you know, it's allllll relative!) from that i'd create set designs and/or props that would hopefully seamlessly be incorporated into their performances.

well, i can exactly do the same for the 'reflections ' series, but i play it out in my mind each time i color a frame, drop in a filter, experiment with texture and more. i almost have to imagine my characters as alive, how they'd speak, move and breathe life into each frame. they almost have to in order for me to visually show the actions and moods represented in each frame. slow work. but worth the wait? you tell me.

speaking of the undead, breathe some life into this next bit:


Jack K. said...

And I thought I was the only one who was in the habit of narrating to himself.

We are not alone.

That is a blessing and, perhaps, a curse.

It's all good.

HS said...

wow...great once did that? yeah...its great!

bronxbt said...

hs - make sure you read back to all the reflections... don't miss any part of the ooooh soooo important story!



jack - luv ya man

Adrianne said...

I like this series. Will be waiting with baited breath for the next one.

bronxbt said...

jack - some of the best conversations i have are with myself... and keep in mind, i grew up with wonder years, so in effect, i have a "daniel stern" voice in my noggin often narrating for me. Unfortunately this person is more of a 100+ year old jewish man saying "oi vey, yer a failure!" or "Hootspa, vat ver ywe thinkin' saying that!?"


HS - yesh, it's all me baby. really.

Adrianne - yer too kind. thankees. (can the undead blush?)

Jack K. said...

Only if they don't use their napkins.

Chuckle! (grimAce!) chuckle again.