... dreaming of

... the person you love. picture them in your head. how do they look? are they crystal clear in your minds eye? are the represented perfectly? what do you see? personally, i tend to see tidbits, never the whole. that sounds odder than intended, but everything in my swirling visions are the equivalent of how the person made/makes me feel. love, intimacy, joy. even pain, frustration, anger and more. they all create a vision that i've always thought was a sight to behold - and in eternal struggle to try to express thru art.

this lil' piece is just that. teeny. it's about 6 inches tall. barely 3 inches wide. scanned it a few weeks ago and have been tweaking and puzzling over how to make it more discernable. original media is colored pencil on newsprint. faded yet true to form, it's survived close to 12 years stuck between pages of other lost works. sadly, newsprint doesn't stand the test of time overall. faded and yellowed with age, the original damned near turned to dust once "flattened" and scanned/converted into little 1's and 0's that could last indefinitely. how about 'dem apples?

maybe i'm trying to save a piece of myself. my soul. my knowledge. it is, after all, an uncertain future. i hope you enjoy the 1's and 0's down below... it is, after all, all that's left


Jack K. said...

-b, I am impressed again by your talents at drawing, painting, and writing. You will never have to worry about losing your soul as long as you keep up with your art.

Thank you for sharing this part of yourself.

I look forward to your future endeavors.

Jen said...

i like what you've done with this picture. It's very sweet, misty and alluring.

Prairie Princess said...'s breathtaking

bronxbt said...

thank you Prairie.. i noticed i can't leave you a message to thank you on yer blog... unless i missed it?

appreciate your kind words tho. hope to see you again soon.


Prairie Princess said...

well i was thinking on changing it again...sometimes i go back and forth.....I will change that for you and be sure to check out my posts from my trip this weekend, complete with pics of course.

bronxbt said...

prairie... oh suuuure, you say you will, but you didn't...

guess maybe once you get BACK from your trip?

safe travels, live well, experience all you can, and come back with tons of pics and other goodness to share.

~ B & mr puddins

Prairie Princess said...

I will tonight...promise :)

rhemrev said...

Your anatomy pics keep amazing me, you seem to have a knack for creating images I want to put on my wall...:p