... looking for something a series of lines, strokes, shadings and form. i look for emotion, strength strain to see beyond the initial impact of what lies in front of my eyes. when a subject poses for a session, it can be long and tedious work. the person strikes multiple poses in brief stands so the artist(s) can warm up, and soon the final pose is chosen that can last for hours. when was the last time you've tried to stand still, sit still, lay still for more than 5 minutes? i'm talking 100% not moving.... let's just say you get cramps where you'd not believe.

there was a model years back that showed me such beauty, such poise, such amazing seductive and incredible emotions thru her poses that it made me shudder. there's this misconception that beauty only is represented by a woman's front... her face, breasts, stomach and more... well, i'm here to break that myth and prove to anyone that has open eyes that there's so much more that's often missed... and even in men, (yesh, when i studied human form in college, there were plenty of male subjects studied/drawn too)

i've always been fascinated by
shadows. lighting. the way it can trace the curves of the human figure. the way it highlights and makes even the simplist of angles and swells blossom in all their glory. no one can truly hide a shadow either. that's part of it's allure to me. you can wear masks, put up fronts, pretend, but what is seen with the lighting dimmed or even off speaks volumes... this particular model i openly admit a old crush on. she was glorious. as before-mentioned, she brought us to tears with the style and beauty she brought to the stage. lighting made her an angel. shadows made her a goddess.

i've had such an amazing time finding, reworking, digitizing, and creating new arts from old. i can only hope that you all find enjoyment and begin to see how i view my world. it can be a very interesting place to be.


Jack K. said...

-b, your talents are spectacular. I am envious of those who can transform the sight in front of them to a beautiful representation. Alas, I am left to make feeble attempts with photography.

Your description of how some scenes affect you is pure poetry. The world needs more gentle souls like yours. Thank you for enriching my life.

bronxbt said...

jack, was that comment caused by me calling you sexy in your del sol?

yeah, i suck. couldn't resist that.

but thank you, my friend.

Jack K. said...

No. I was inspired by this posting and the artwork. You do good works.

Keep them coming.

HS said... have some fantastic work my friend! I just finished checkin out this site and you are very talented indeed :)

Adrianne said...

She sent shivers done my spine, and I had goose-bumps just from your drawing. Goose-bumps are a difficult thing to achieve when it's over 100 outside. Am looking forward to the next drawings.

rhemrev said...

This is indeed a very nice one man, but I think I prefer the original drawing (I can't click it though?). The foot does look a bit too much 2D though,could use some shading...but that's a nitpick :D This stuff really inspires me to start doing anatomy stuff again, instead of endless creatures and environments...:P


bronxbt said...

rhemrev - thanks for your thoughts. I do agree that the original drawing had some flaws such as the foot as you mentioned. Plus, this was posted when Blogspot was jerking everyone's chains with "posting issues" so I don't honestly know why you can't click on the original.

Sorry about that.

yer feedback is invaluable to me. One thing I may point out is that I decided that any old works I play with and edit, I would TRY not to change the original / core drawing.. only add to it. Hence no foot editing.

I'd give it all up tho to be able to play in your imagination tho and come up with scenescapes the way you do. Makes me think of Dark Crystal landscapes and such that inspired me to the "nth" degree!

Take care, thanks for stopping by again!