... you're in college now, part III

... it's funny to go back into the archives of my mind (keeping in mind this is not the dewey decimal system by far, people) and look at old works of mine. i stare at comics of old, doodles, sketches, and more while marvelling at a number of things: styles used, patterns, lighting, simplicity, complexity, media form and even how age has treated each piece. some things look better. some look worse for wear. some suffer from acrid materials and have changed dramatically in color, texture and form. some have forced the hands of time into a corner and remained 100% identical from the original brush stroke, pencil swooosh, etc.

the YICN comic is funny to me simply because that style of drawing seems so basic to me. the REFECTIONS novel/graphic comic represents a style i'm not honestly sure if i could ever attain again. i researched everything from perspectives, architecturals, camera and "cropping" studies and many more elements in order to create what you've seen so far. even photo works were composed in order to study shape, movement, interaction and the blending of peoples to determine the best way to create my work.

i've had a fun time already posting old work and getting feedback on things. Please enjoy the latest YICN exerpt. indeed it's still based loosely off my own experiences. dear gad my first roomie wasn't bright, but he loved his music:


mike said...

Seems like I have seen your stuff before ... grew up in Snohomish, WA (high school anyway).

Wish I could draw. Then I could convey the images in my head in a more direct manner. Unfortunately, I can't draw shit (well, I can draw that). I am left trying to draw pictures with words. Not there yet.

I love Trojan for getting me writing again!! Owe her big time for that.

bronxbt said...

trojan's been an inspiration to many of us, myself included.

thanks for stopping by Mike. I went to Capital High School... Olympia... How about you? What year? I was 1990.

Either way, some of my stuff has been in the Seattle times, the Olympian, and other rags... ring any bells!?


Jack K. said...

And, here, I thought you just put drawing instrument to paper and out came the results.

Wow, I am impressed with the detail of it all.

Honestly, that should not surprise me, now that I think about it. My brother is a very accomplished artist--oils, acrylics, charcoal, etc. We hope to launch his web site in the future. Perhaps prior to the end of the year. I have to learn how to post photos of paintings so they cannot just be downloaded and copied for free. Any hints?

Keep up your good works. I do enjoy seeing them.

bronxbt said...

Jack - it's funny you mentioned that, and I honestly do not know the answer regarding non-downloadable/saveable files. I believe it has something to do with the native format it's uploaded in... but I'm actually looking into that now and will letchoo know if I find results of any value.

thanks for the kind words.


mike said...

Snohomish grad of 1987. I go back fairly often to visit my folks.

While there I try to make it to downtown Seattle. There, I read all of the local papers. Seattle has an alternative mag that is quite like the Austin Chronicle,

our alternative mag.

Music, Art, quirky personals, local politics. Left leaning. Can't remember the name.

bronxbt said...

cool mike! thanks again for stopping on thru and thanks also for the AustinChronicle link, i'll bookmark that badboy.

Jack - still looking into the graphics issue.


rhemrev said...

Hehe, pretty cool man! Such a great things these blogs, you really get a peak into alot of artists's lives this way, looking forward to the next post! :D