... reflections, part VII

... had to bunch two frames this time into one release. hope you all don't mind. likely not since this comic is actually a bit of a bitch to read in such small segments. occasionally, i had the storyline boxes intersect. yup. it's really that simple. it's a teeny tiny lil' trick that cartoonists have done for over 50 years to create a natural flow between the panels of artwork. of course, the exact opposite can be said for erratic placment of text throughout the work. it can create a feeling of emotion, passion, or simple erratic behaviour of the characters inked onto a page.

here we see sean and his humble beginnings. we see where he came from, what he was like, and of course, what happened to make him the piteous creature he's become. it's funny really... if a person takes a moment to reflect upon their own life, they'd likely realize that they're the sum of past experiences.

on a more personal note, more of these to come. i'm officially done with the pages that had already been colored and enhanced. now i'm working from original ink drawings and it's long and tedious work. all of your feedback and encouragement has been refreshing and i'm thankful for it though.. i ask for a little patience tho as this work takes time. i promise it's worth the wait.

speaking of which, sink yer fangs into this latest and longer bit:


K.Fox, Jr. said...

what's your e-mail? I wanna send you some mail.

bronxbt said... - i normally do not post nor communicate to folks via email. in this age... it's too easy to fall prey to spammers, etc.

with respect, let me know a little something about what you'd like to send me, etc.? - before I release that type of info to anyone...