... reflections, part XVI

... boy the undead are hard to deal with. well, at least to restore. i've been extremely busy over the past 3-4 weeks, so for anyone reading this blog, my apologies for the delays in finishing up this latest page in the chronicles of an vamp with eternity on his hands...and no idea what to do with it. wow, imagine that. what would you do with eternity? play, invest, help others, learn skills? wha...?

i'm in the midst of analyzing the next page in the story; and i gotta tell you, it's as detailed if not more than this page, so it's going to take another 30 or so hours to strip down the original artwork into workable components. since i'll be gone the next 4 or so days, please feel free to leave your comments with my many thanks, and please know that your thoughts, suggestions for improvement and more only make me a better artist.

so, just like a creature of the night needing permission to enter your home, you've got mine now to view the next entry. enjoy.


Jack K. said...

"My God! What's happening to me?"

Really. What is happening to Sean?

We know and he hasn't come to grips with it yet.

You're art work is fantastic.

The detail is something else. The paintings on the wall and the cover on the couch are something else.

Is that a Van Gogh, Starry NIght, reprodution?

kittnz84 said...

as WELL done -- the more i see of your work, the more i WAMT to see.

Thank you for being a fantastic artist and friend :)

"K" Fingerett said...

Love it!

Yeesh, B- you are just awesome. I was going to comment on the detail you've made in the paintings (wow!)and- well- just everything!-- but your friend beat me to it.

Thats okay though ^_^

You are super talented. I wish I could have just a bit of the talent you have *sigh* No worries though-- I'll just keep coming back here for more!

I cant wait to see what happens next!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, B!


rhemrev said...

Hehe, cool stuff as usual man, you're alot better at updating your site then I amn..:P I would be interested in seeing some of the pencil art you're doing for these pages if possible, so I can figure out how you work...:P

Keep up the good stuff,


bronxbt said...

rhemrev - you must remember, i no longer have ANY of this original work. what i do have is what my friend sent me... xeroxes of my original penned finished pages. (shotty quality too) soooo, all original renderings, all original pencil work is long gone after i lost it all in that apartment fire.

so, yeah, i'm working with shotty copies, and scanning in each page. i remove all streaks, grain, dirt, etc. i clean up all lose lines... i then simply take each frame one at a time and copy them over to new FRAMES, and then color... I only use photoshop, my fav. medium for this, but perhaps a crutch. i have had little time to work fractal design painter and such and REALLY SHOULD... but maybe for the finished pieces' cover?

also, a dear friend mentioned to me weeks ago that i should work with cloths, patterns and such that i couldn't find in photoshop, and this is the first result of such inspiration: the van gogh, the hot chili pattern on the apron, the couch pastels... all images and fabrics i modified to fit within their given spaces...

does this help?
i'm honored you'd even want to dissect my work... i hope to see more of yours soon. Your links aren't working anymore, i'm assuming you're working on them?

take care, good to hear from you!