... reflections, part XIII

... i can't tell you all how excited i was to get to this page. me likey. i'm going to leave it at that. this panel took over 10 hours to finish out, but no worries... i didn't do it in ONE sitting. (don't want jack to yell at me) maybe two...

sean realizes in one fell swoop that mankind isn't the only predator out there. little does he know that his life is about to take a "turn." literally and figuratively.

speaking of which, sharpen yer claws on this next visual snack:

please remember, click on the image to see larger, once there... drag mouse over the image again... you'll see a tiny square appear on the bottom right. Click that lil' guy to see this artwork in glorious 600dpi.


Jack K. said...

My, she is a sloppy eater. Didn't her Momma teach her better?


Fade to black.

glad you are getting more sleep.

v said...

the colors look fantastic on this one. great job -- keeps getting better and better!!

Adrianne said...

The poor hero, never saw it coming. I love the way this looks. Colors are great, they add to the emotional appeal of the panels. I like the way the blood is dripping from the second panel onto the fourth.

Jack K. said...

I am super impressed with your artistic ability. To put as a friend might say, I just lurve it.