... i will always be

... there for you. that's the phrase i've heard a thousand times, and yet so few have ever lived up to their claims. week's back when i was more focused i did run across this life drawing of a couple i did a portrait of 12 years back. they had been dating for 4 years, and were still so in love it blew my mind. both dancers, they wanted to be immortalized, together forever. the original drawing was simply graphite on strong bond paper. it took 4 sessions and a combined time of approximately 16 hours. i wanted to create this new piece for them both.

monica died of cancer 1 year later. tony, to my knowledge hasn't been seen or heard from since. i wonder about him at times. he was my roommate for one year. amazing guy. tony, if you're out there somewhere... i grant you both your wish. i miss you both very much.


Adrianne said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Jack K. said...

-b, I finally scrolled down to view this marvelous piece of art. I'm glad I did. It is absolutely beautiful. I am sure that Monica is viewing it with joy knowing that you have captured their love so well. I hope that Tony gets a chance to view it too.

You have the soul of a poet and I am truly blessed to have crossed your path. The world needs more caring people like you.

Serve well, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.

Jack K. said...

Wanting to be like Picasso is a worthwhile goal. From my perspective, you have surpassed him.

I like your style, use of color, shadow, lines and curves.

It is obvious in your drawings and cartoons.

Perhaps you have something more in common with Picasso. A troubled soul?

Just a thought.

I'm here for ya man.

Jack K. said...

The more I look at this fine piece of art the more I am entranced. The more I see.

The subtle yellowish line that depicts, to me, the energy flow between two loving individuals.

The outline of the facial features is just right.

It is beautiful and restful and energizing.


bronxbt said...

... or you jes need to adjust your monitor, jack...


sorry, couldn't resist.
love ya man

Jack K. said...

I know, never pass up a straight line, even if you have to provide it yourself. I do that all the time.

Serve well, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.

Crystal said...

you are an amazing artist.

knowing the story behind that piece makes it even more touching.