... there's air in my brush!

... my deepest apologies to any and all of you who have been actively reading this blog, or checking in once in awhile to see if i've gotten off my duff to post anything new. life, work, and other issues have gotten in the way as of late, and my creative side relating to my restoration of any comics or fine art have been back burnered a bit.

however, i do tend to find inspiration at the oddest times, and when recently updating my online store for my endangered species artwork and charity stuff, (i donate a % of the profits to local seattle area no-kill shelters, etc) i happened to recall that i wanted to do another airbrush piece. well, i've not airbrushed in over 10 years, so i sort of had to start from scratch.

new airbrush purchased? -- check
fittings for hookup to existing air compressor? -- check
frisket board? -- check
airbrush mounted paper? -- check
airbrush paint? -- check
misc. other stuff to maintain said tools? -- check

here's a sample of the piece i've now since doodled, refined, and as you can see, am already masking out to eventually transfer to a large scale format to begin airbrushing. I'd LOVE to hear anyone's feedback/thoughts/etc. on how it looks so far. i'm hoping to stay fairly loose and generous on the strokes and style of brushing. i do NOT want to use a ton of hard-edge frisket work to define this soft & gentle beast. (note, frisket is like a huge page of low-tack sticky transparancy. you cut thru and remove the area you wanna brush, hence the rest stays void of paint):


Sarah said...

Very cool B! Wish I had even an ounce of your talent!

PS- your word verification sucks today! I'm on to #2, they made it easier for me this time--- lmtea :)

bronxbt said...

Sarah -- yer tea?
hmmmm... tha's weird

Adrianne said...

Cute beastie. Will look really cool airbrushed.

Bohemian Girl said...


3.14 said...

wow! i really like your line work... the texture of the mouth is great!