... reflections, part VIII

... i am in creative bliss. not only have i found a typeface that is a tried 'n' true comic book font, but i've also had so much fun "tedturner-ising" this graphic novel of mine. yesh, i was emailed an accusation filled email from a person who shall remain annonymous saying/harping that i was doing my art and myself a grave injustice by adding color and otherwise ruining my work. oi. i really don't know what to say except two things. one: it's my work, so i can do with it what i please (insert george lucas rehashing of movies here) two: i think i'm breathing new life into a work that was thoroughly and utterly destroyed by a fire, time and the years!

so, 'nuff said over that. the new typeface used to replace the old text is apparent in my last (2) posts of reflections. hope it's clearer and more legible than my originally restored handwriting. the filters and layers i've been working with has also created a new level of art i never even dared to imagine in my comic. by creating fuzzy backdrops and such, i can form focus points in each panel that excite me to no end. Makes each story board read individually and not jes' as a whole. gads, me likey. what do you all think? story's getting to some good parts too... eep!

check out this juicy bit:


Jack K. said...

Ah, the joys of being a critic. You may or may not have the same skills as the artist, but you do have the skill to snipe.

As far as I am concerned, If color floats your boat, keep sailing. It works for me.

I don't have enough artistic talent to say that your work sucks. I think it is absolutely, fan-fucking-tastic. So there. Nanny, nanny, boo, boo to anyone who doesn't agree.

Keep up your good works.


Adrianne said...

Don't listen to the naysayers! You're the artist, do with your creativity what you want. I've liked everthing that you've done so far.

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almost hazzah)

K.Fox, Jr. said...

Yeah, like what George said, just do what you want. It is YOUR work. This was a nice post, especially the excerpt/cut-out/some-other-word-meaning-the-same-thing from the comic.

K.Fox, Jr. said...

comic/graphic novel

Anonymous said...

Is that your work? The whole thing, not just colorizing?

bronxbt said...

ag - thank you so much for swinging by.

Yesh, everything on my site is my work. The graphic comic, "reflections" was started by me baaaaack in highschool (1988) and finished by yours truly during college. The original was simply black and white, hand drawn, hand "written" and produced BY hand with the help of a now defunct seattle underground publisher called "blackwood press"

they specialized in limited run special "projects." (seemed fitting)

Check out my archives for the rest of the comic if you've not. I've got at least half a dozen entries highlighting my restoration work. Because of it's original state, each page is scanned by moi and redone down to the pixel. I add color, highlights, remove grain, add details, blurred effects and more...

Hope you like it!
When i get more time, (this weekend i plan to scan more pages to get back into the swing of things) I'll work on more to post.

Come again!
Take care!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's very cool! You are very talented. When I have time I'll try and look at more of your work.