... beauty caught, part II

i couldn't for some reason get (2) of these scans into one entry. so hey... i'll continue in this entry. i'll deal with the technical issues later. file sizes are small enough, etc... so, whatever.

to continue: i took the same scan, and experimented with some filters in photoshop. i was amazed at the results. first you have to understand i've used photoshop for over 10 years, but my own fear of manipulating my own original work has kept me from "playing around" with this type of thing.

this result is by far my favorite. my reaction was different with this one due to a closer inspection. i realized that the cross-hatching style i used to draw the original, translated into amazing smoothness and textures on the model's body. it created stunning realism with the contours, shadows, and further defined and complimented her amazingly fit lower torso.

so, give me your feedback. how do you feel about art manipulation thru technology? do you like what you see artistically speaking? who likes art? what do you like to see in an artist's portfolio, or a museum, etc? also, as always, i encourage those of you with opinions to judge my work. give me your thoughts on what i can do to improve my techniques, styles and more. i appreciate you all, and look forward to your comments.


Jen said...

i love this shot.

I'm glad you put it in.



Jack K. said...

Pardon the crudeness of the following:


You do extremely good work.

Keep experimenting and drawing, or is it the other way around? Either way you do beautiful work.

Thanks for sharing.

I agree with Jen.

bronxbt said...

couldn't have put it better myself, jack. i really really like this result. so much in fact I'm considering producing it largescale and framing a finished print... it's cooh in my book. i actually have a friend in the sheet metal business who could likely have something like this etched... who knows, i may get even artsier yet!


Adrianne said...

I like the way this one turned out, too! Keep up the good work (art). Looking forward to seeing more of your art.

Jack K. said...

I just stopped back by and couldn't resist commenting on the beauty of the shading and lines.

Actually, I couldn't resist coming back.

Damn, you do good work.

It is lunch time and I am taking a break during the class day. This class is unique, as they always are, and so much fun to be around.

They will all do things that will be great for them. Not all will go on into real estate. But, that is alright. I have decided that I am more than a real estate instructor, I am a life coach. How cool is that?

All brag and a very little fact.

bronxbt said...

jack -
those who brag only when they have something real to share, have "bragging rights" due the fact they've EARNED them.

you flatter me with your praise of my work. i appreciate your candor and frankly it makes me pause and wonder what the hell else i can post!? I'm only a quarter way thru my mess of a "home art studio" and fear it may be a bit until I can post another "life drawing character study"

the fact that you're becoming a life coach, btw is extremely inspiring to me. it's something i've always wanted to become in the big "scheme of things," (or in my version, a death star-style master plan..) i've spent more than my share of my life helping and supporting others, so perhaps one day i can put all this goodness inna little box and make it available to others.

oh, and the the fact that you say you've "decided" you've become a life coach... tha's magic man. it's not a position, a real job, or something you can be ranked against: but i assure you, it's like a badge of honor seen by others when your words and actions are listened and emulated by others!

what a reward!